The Fastest Spikes Ever Made?

Nike’s Zoom Superfly Elite

Nike’s new Zoom Superfly Elite track spikes will cut a dash at the Summer Olympics after more than four years  algorithmic software design and 3-D printing prototyping, at the Nike Sports Research Lab.

Nike claim that improvements in weight reduction and making the shoe stiffer have helped Jamaican track star Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce shave over 1 hundredth of a second from 100m times – in Rio that could mean winning gold or missing the podium.

Jamaican track star Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce

What the Nike design supremo’s have also managed with the new spike plate – no spike screws required – is produce a totally tropical look, in that Avatar other worldly tropical sense.

The 5ft ‘Pocket Rocket’ Fraser-Pryce will be ready for take off in Rio and Genuine Pace wouldn’t bet against her improving on her competitive personal best of 10.70s and winning Olympic gold again in August.


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