10.50s American Rugby’s Finest

In 2007 Bryan Habana was considered the fastest man in rugby, he made a habit of embarrassing some of the quickest wingers in the game, still does. But in arguably the try of the World Cup tournament, Takudzwa Ngwenya finished in thrilling style. Offered the outside by Habana, the 22 year old USA winger burnt him on the outside, surely the first to do so. South Africa would go on to win the game and eventually the World Cup but America and Zimbanwean born Ngwenya had their moment to savour,

“I was thinking of kicking but then I thought I would try and get him to stop, and then gas him out wide,” Ngwenya said. “And he did stop. It’s not that I’m fast, I just got him to stop so that worked pretty well. I knew he would be annoyed. If I got beaten by a slower person, I’d be annoyed.” 

“He (Habana) is the best winger in the world,” Ngwenya said. “I was intimidated every time he got the ball. If you look at the video or saw the game live, I was just yelling ‘come on, come on’. I was intimidated. I didn’t want to leave him one on one with me – and luckily I didn’t.” 

His hand timed 10.50s earns him a place at Genuine Pace.


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