(10.40s) Habana the Man-Cheetah

Bryan Gary Habana has been regarded as the fastest player in the game for the last 10 years. He scored with his first touch of the ball in Test rugby in 2004 and hasn’t stopped out pacing all-comers ever since.

A great of the game the South African winger was named IRB Player of the year in 2007, the year he and hist countrymen won the World Cup. He is fourth on the all time list of International try scorers with 57 from 106 caps (3rd if you discount Ohata who’s tries have mainly come against minor nations).

Over the first 20m Habana is electric and Genuine Pace has an unverified time over 100m of 10.40s but he’s a player who seems to go faster with the ball and it wouldn’t be surprising or unjustified to list a time nearer 10.30s.

The man can tackle too…

the man can do anything;

here he is racing a Cheetah…

and a plane…

he’d probably beat you in the gun show too..


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