(10.90s) Jet-Heeled Golden Boy

Last week saw Raheem Shaquille Sterling help Liverpool FC to a late draw against Arsenal and win the European Golden Boy award, aged 20. He joins an illustrious list of previous winners including Rooney, Messi, Fabregas, Aguero and Gotze to name a few.

Proving to be one Rafa Benitez’s best signings, he was one for the future in 2010 but now arguably Liverpool’s most valuable player with Daniel Sturridge.


The England International was a very able 1500m runner who was Brent schools champion although the level of competition meant that he never won the local 100m title. His tutor at the time said “Raheem who wanted to be in the 100m even though I used to say to him, ‘Nah, the 1500m is your thing’,”

FIFA 15 gives the youngster a Pace score of 93, putting him on the Top 20 on a par with Robben, Ronaldo and Messi, all considered the very best at running a top speed with the ball. Genuine Pace believes his first 20-40 metres would match most but over 100 metres we reckon he would just come under 11 seconds at 10.90s.

More than just genuine pace Sterling is a creative player with an abundance of skills, but it’s when he’s on the ball dribbling that he most often finds another gear.

Skills at 16 years old…


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