10.06s – Bullet Pace

FAMU athlete Robert Hayes practices running on the track.jpg

Robert Lee “Bullet Bob” Hayes (December 20, 1942 – September 18, 2002) once considered the world’s fastest man by virtue of his multiple world records in the 60-yard, 100-yard, 220-yard, and Olympic 100-meter dashes. He remains the only man to win Olympic gold and the Super Bowl.

A sprinter turned American football wide receiver in the NFL for the Dallas Cowboys. Hayes was enshrined in the Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor in 2001 and inducted in to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2009. Hayes is the second Olympic gold medallist to be inducted to the Hall of Fame, after Jim Thorpe whose story is truly remarkable and can claim to be one of the greatest Athletes ever.

With the advent of fully automatic timing, Hayes was the first man to break ten seconds for the 100 metres, albeit with a 5.3 m/s wind assistance in the semi-finals of the 1964 Olympics. His time was recorded at 9.91 seconds. Jim Hines officially broke 10 seconds at the high altitude of Mexico City, Mexico in 1968 (and on a synthetic track) with a wind legal 9.95 which stood as the world record for almost 15 years. The next to surpass Hayes at a low altitude Olympics was Carl Lewis in 1984 when he won in 9.99, some 20 years later

It’s his 1964 Tokyo Olympics time of 10.06 that earns him an appearance on Genuine Pace.


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