10.47s – Welsh Rugby’s Fastest


The next Welsh flyer to appear on Genuine Pace is former Rugby Union International and Olympic semi-finalist Nigel Walker. Albeit in his athletics days he was a 110m hurdler, representing Great Britain in LA 1984, his straight line speed over 100 metres was usually too much for opposition wingers when he found space having returned to Rugby Union in 1992 having given it up to pursue Athletics. Playing for his home city of Cardiff and earning the first of his 17 caps for Wales at age 29 with a prolific return of 12 tries he fulfilled his boyhood dream.

He also has the distinction of holding the fastest non-winning time for the 200 metre hurdles. At Cardiff in 1991, he ran 22.77 seconds into a 0.3 m/s headwind. And was winner of the British Gladiators TV show.

It’s his PB 100m time of 10.47s (also recorded 10.35s wind assisted) that puts him as the fastest Rugby player to date to appear on Genuine Pace.


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